Nature campsite the MIG

If you are a real nature lover, go for Nature campsite de MIG. This site follows the guidelines of the Green Dome Foundation, a Dutch quality mark for green campsites. There are 30 pitches for 4-ample tents and 10 hardstanding non-electric touring pitches .


The Zwolse Vaart is an excellent fishing canal and lovely for a canoe or kayaking-trip

The campsite is located at the back of the grounds, along the Zwolse Vaart, about 800 meters from the main gate of the Wildest Garden. Please check in first at campsite Helicopter Field, near the park entrance. Once you’ve registered, continue your way to nature campsite MIG and find yourself a beautiful pitch. The route is indicated below.

Campers have free access to leisure park de Wildste Tuin (ticket €7,50). The beach pavilion is only 500 meters away and a perfect solution when you don’t feel like cooking 😉

The MIG nature campsite blends into leisure park the Wildste Tuin. Follow the Zwolse Vaart and you will enter the Voorsterbos (forest, no bicycles allowed).These great woods belong to our good neighbor Nature Monuments. The Voorsterbos, together with Waterloopbos (a second forest close to the park), is almost 1000 acres and 70 years old.

No dogs allowed
Dogs and other pets are not allowed in the Wildest Garden.

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Choose your perfect basecamp out of 30 grass pitches. In the open field or under the trees. There are 10 motorhome pitches but no plots for caravans (caravans are welcome at the Heliveld). You can find showers, toilets and washing up areas in the brand new sanitary facilities.

Parking space is available near the campgrounds. A few hand carts are available to take your luggage to your pitch. These are for general use.

Be aware that weekends in the pre- and post-season are often busier due to weddings, corporate events and family days celebrated in the beach pavilion and outdoor venues in de Wildste Tuin.You may experience noise disturbances in the evening.
The Wildest Garden during a childrens Festival in 2015. 
Hardstanding non-electric touring pitches 
There are 10 hardstanding non-electric touring pitches on the border of the neighbour sheepland. Motorhomes and campervans can check in at Campsite Heliveld and then find their pitch on campsite MIG (you can find hardstanding touring pitches with electricityat campsite Heliveld). Waste water and waste can be disposed at campsite Heliveld where you can also refill the water tank. 
Inspirational route 
For nature lovers, the inspirational route in the Wildest Garden is a must.

Beautiful flowers and herbs grow wild and free in the leisure park.
Campfire allowed
Build your own campfire. Fire wood is available on both camping sites.
The real life 
The way pioneers discover new worlds, you’re experiencing camping in the Wildest Garden. An extraordinary experience for all children. And even if you're a grown-up, nothing beats staring at a crackling fire under a clear sky. 
Mini gardens 
In a miniature garden close tot he site you can pick fresh herbs for a cup of tea, soup or another home made dish. 

Sand Martins 
Next to the campsite we have constructed a big wall for sand martins. These migratory birds live in Africa during the winter months and visit us from late March until October. A colony of sand martins eats about one kilogram of mosquitoes a day. Therefore a welcome neighbour for campers.
An authenticold Russian MiG-21MF Fishbed Fighter looms up when you approach the campsite. It stands there as a reminder of the Cold War, a period of armed peace between the communist and capitalist worlds from 1945 to 1991. However, it is also a sign of relaxation.The MIG was a feared weapon during the Cold War, but is now at rest and rusting away in the field. You can climb it and peek through the windows.

We are looking forward to your visit!