Wildest Garden

Children play and discover freely in the large playground at Netl Wildste Tuin. Balance on tree trunks, climb and clamber on monkeyropes and other obstacles, hide in bamboo jungle, race on the cable slide and glide down the mud slide!
Natural movement, natural learning and natural health.
We discourage wearing your best clothes. Wild children are naturally dirty and can get wet! Creating a place with room to discover is paramount. Outside, where big and small children can enter adventure by themselves, or go exploring together.

Plenty of adventure along the beaches of Netl. Run and roll the dunes or hide in the bushes. Cool down in the water afterwards. Swim to the islets or take on the wobbly rope bridge. Jump on the hand-pulled cable ferry to go back to shore again, if you dare ...

You will find even more adventure on a second beach, hidden somewhere in the park, away from all bathers. An exciting rope bridge, a real liana that goes over the water and above all that .... The double cable slide! Race down the mountain together, with your eyes closed!

On the same beach you will also find the water pump, to have a lovely water ballet and creating your own little river. Want to have a good laugh? Make a stop at the laughing mirrors before you go home.

Mud Slide
Who doest know that wonderful feeling? Getting dirty ... completely! Especially for wild children, Netl has invented the mud slide. Sliding through the mud,you end up in the shallow water, after which you will have to climb up again. Make sure the slide is wet, because then of course you willgo much faster!
There is also plenty of challenge for the little ones. In the Ukkii Park, right next to the beach pavilion, there is a screened playground where young kids can enjoy themselves.

When you arrive at the bamboo jungle, you will find yourself in a different world. Playing hide and seek has never been so exciting! Small, secret paths in the bamboo lead to new places.
You will also find the hut construction forest in the bamboo jungle. This forest offers everything to build a real, sturdy hut!

Playing and learning go together in the adventurous play landscape with natural obstacles, . The importance of outdoor play is paramount in de Wildste Tuin. Bringing children back to nature! Discovering, getting dirty, taking a breath of fresh air with rosy cheeks. Muddling in the sand, swimming in the lake and just really playing outside!

Research shows that children who play in nature show more social and creative play. Because an object´s play function is not yet set or determined a tree trunk instead of a seesaw?), they have to work together and think creatively to play ... Exciting!

Children have a natural urge to discover and 'be free' in nature. Give them space to discover and be amazed how children turn out to be real adventurers.

The Wildste Tuin has several beaches.The largest one has cold outdoor showers, toilets and changing rooms